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In 2007, along with ALPHA INDUSTRIESERVICE GmbH, the bearing pillar of the current business concern was established by a team with great experience in automotive. Meanwhile, ALPHA GROUP is made up of four companies and has developed into a ‘global player’ in the field of quality assurance for the automotive industry.

Since 2011, along with ALPHA ISP GmbH, the topic of temporary work and transfer of employees is also offered. This is how the staff crises and occupancy peaks from the customers can be overcome – here, with an emphasis on the automotive industry and car supply industry.

In order to meet the needs of internationally active customers and due to the very good commercial and private connections with Romania, the company ALPHA INDUSTRIESERVICE S.R.L. was established in 2014 in Arad. All know-how is ‘exported’ from Germany in this sense, and ALPHA guarantees also in Romania the validated quality standards ‘made in Germany’ in attractive conditions.

Today, more than 400 employees work in ALPHA GROUP and provide support to more than 500 other companies in the country and abroad in the field of quality assurance and production, besides well-known companies such as BMW, PORSCHE, DAIMLER, MAGNA etc.

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Company Policy

Quality Policy

The quality policy of Alpha IS US is an integral part of the corporate strategy, which includes customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and social responsibility and thus promotes profitability as well as the increasingly prominent environment-related topics that drive us to environmentally conscious action in all our processes. In addition, we attach great importance to the occupational health and safety of our employees and take measures to maintain them in advance.



The following principles of action apply to us:

  • Highest customer satisfaction is one of the highest corporate goals and thus the guideline for all employees.

  • We are committed to subjecting our products and services to an ongoing process of improvement and change.

  • Quality concerns everyone. We do quality work for our customers, for the success of the company and the safeguarding of our jobs. We regard the employee as our most asset, which is reflected in our corporate culture.

  • We always want to be a reliable partner for our customers, deliver the highest quality at economic costs, do perfect work, fulfill the wishes of our customers quickly and unbureaucratically.

  • On the part of the management, necessary resources are provided in terms of infrastructure and appropriate working environment.

  • The safety of our employees in the performance of their activities and the preservation and improvement of our operational resources must be in the foreground.

  • Our environmental responsibility is shaped by the awareness of working in a healthy environment. We comply with applicable laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection, energy procurement and efficient use and consumption, avoid hazards to people and the environment, reduce energy and environmental pollution and conserve resources through continuous process improvements, taking into account economic aspects. Environmental impacts are recorded and evaluated.

  • We regularly agree on measurable and achievable environmental goals. Of particular importance is the continuous increase in energy efficiency. Environmentally conscious action determines our work processes and building management with regard to energy recovery and waste prevention. When purchasing products and services, we pay attention to energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

The management and all employees undertake to take all measures to implement and maintain the quality and environmental policy, as well as to ensure and verify the achievement of the objectives.

To meet this strategy, medium-term targets have been defined throughout the company, which are regularly reviewed for fulfilment.

In order to meet the resulting requirements for the company, a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 was introduced. The company uses this system to identify possible errors throughout the company through an effective organizational structure and process organization, to analyze their causes and to prevent the occurrence of errors through appropriate corrective measures, this is always done under environmental, occupational safety and health protection aspects.

In this way, our company is able to provide the customer with a qualified product at a reasonable price in a competitive time.

In order to achieve the defined goals, all employees are informed about the quality management system and involved in the process of introducing and permanently ensuring the systems.

To ensure the effectiveness of these and other measures, education, training and motivation of the company's employees play a crucial role.

In doing so, we rely on qualified in-house training and awareness of lifelong learning. All employees are called upon to avoid unsecured dependencies and human exploitation through appropriate planning and information flow. We work together in a friendly - familiar and goal-oriented - strategic way.

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